Meet Our Team: Tangina

Tangina Staley

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Years in Industry: 2 years

"It's my job to educate my clients, it makes a difference. Listen to your stylist and be honest."

I first started styling hair at nine years old. My mother wasn’t very good at doing hair. After family, I started learning from an old friend and her big sisters. Then my cousin’s wife helped me she even inspired me to go to school.  I was bullied so much growing up, my hair was the only thing I knew would look nice everyday. It built my confidence knowing I could create whatever was in my imagination, bringing out my beauty in the way I saw fit. I eventually attended House of Heavilin Beauty College and graduated in October of 2015.

I learned about The Blow Dry Room when, the salon I was with had unexpectedly closed to do something different. I had been praying, going to interviews, advertising etc. I couldn’t build my clientele and decided to give up. The next day I saw a Now Hiring post for The Blow Dry Room on Instagram. It was unexpected but very much needed. My beauty industry inspiration is, any successful artist that is willing to educate those who look up to them.

My favorite Aveda hair product is definitely the Smooth Infusion collection, it works miracles!

Wishing everyone a productive and prosperous day! I leave you to enjoy my all time favorite daily inspiration...

“Your dream is everything. It’s the biggest part of your life. It’s the vision and ambition that God placed in your imagination that won’t let you sleep at night until you act on it. It’s the thing that wakes you up and stirs the very pit of your soul.”-Steve Harvey